20th Century European History - Part 1

This course will be delivered online.

The aim of this 6 week course is to provide an introduction to Twentieth Century European history by focusing on specific key events as well as the people and ideologies that shaped them.

Over the course we will study how Europe descended into the horrors of World War One in 1914; the rise of Communism and Fascism and their impacts on Western and Eastern Europe and finally the 1989 revolutions.

In the aftermath of Brexit, we will also consider the ideas that originally formed the current European Union and how it has changed over time.

Each week we will look at events right across the continent from a mixture of social, cultural, political and economic historic stand points in order to give a broader flavour and help us understand how these formed Europe as it is today

Course Content

The Fall of the Great Powers - Diplomacy, Nationalism & the House of Cards 1900 - 1917

The Russian Revolutions

Fascist Europe: 1919 - 1945

The Spanish Civil War: 1936-39

Europe Divided - the annexation of Eastern & Central Europe 1945 - 1968

A New Europe: 1956-1991 - Integration, Reunification & the Re-emergence of the Nation State

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on the start date of the course.

The course will bring up many themes and so requires a reasonable level of English, although no previous knowledge of the topics or history in general is needed.

Additional Information

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Part II of this course will begin after the Half Term Holidays. Other history courses taught at the college this year range from ancient Rome, more in depth studies of 20th century Europe such as Stalinist Russia and Weimar Republic Germany, Civil rights and general American history. The School of Ideas also puts on one off events such as talks on Mussolini?s March to Rome, Watergate and recently Fascism to the present day.

A vast range of philosophy courses are also on offer through the School of Ideas for those wishing to understand in more depth some of the ideas behind the events that shaped the history of this period. Other linked subjects include art history and mythology classes.

For those wishing to go onto university, there is Access to Humanities which will broaden your historical knowledge academically