Adult Literacy - Level 1 Speaking and Listening

This is a non-qualification course. You will get a college certificate on successful completion of the course.

This course will provide you with an opportunity to develop and consolidate your English skills. It can be used as a stepping stone to Functional Skills L1, or you may want to brush up on your reading, speaking and listening, writing and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills for further training or work.

Course Content

In term 1 you will practise reading skills. In term 2 you will practise speaking and listening skills. In term 3 you will practise writing skills. You will practise SPaG throughout.

The English skills you will study in reading will include:
• Skimming, scanning and detailed reading
• Reading for pleasure
• Understanding texts
• Gathering information from texts
• Using texts to improve your vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar

The English skills you will practise in speaking and listening will include:
• Making presentations
• Having discussions
• Expressing opinions
• Listening for specific information and detail

The English skills you will practise in writing will include:
• Writing articles, letters and blogs
• Improve your handwriting
• Using correct SPaG when writing

Entry Requirements

This course is appropriate for people who have established English skills at Entry Level 3.

You will be invited for an interview and as part of the interview process you will be given some feedback on your English skills. It will be really helpful if you can bring along any English certificates that you may already have.

If this Level 1 course is not the appropriate course for you, then you will be given the opportunity to enrol on a more suitable course.

You may need to sit a computer based initial assessment to indicate and evidence your current level of maths and English.

If you have been asked to complete an English and/or maths screening test, it is important that you read the following information –
• You should allow sufficient time for the screening test (up to 1 hour per test), so that you are not rushed.
• You should take the screening tests seriously, as the tests results will determine which course/s you can enrol on
• If you do not achieve the required levels on the screening tests for your chosen course, then you will not be offered a place on the course.
• It would be sensible to complete the screening tests on a separate day prior to the interview
• Please note, if required, we only allow one re-sit attempt at these screening assessments

First Class Requirements

When you come along to your first class you should bring along an A4 writing pad, a black/blue pen, highlighters and a ring binder folder. You will also follow a class reading book which you can purchase second hand or borrow from a library.

Attendance Requirements

100% attendance is expected

Assessment Methods

This is not an exam based course. Your English skills will be assessed and developed through a folder of work and the use of an ILP (Individual Learning Plan). Your evidence, or work, - which you produce as you progress through the course - will be gathered in and marked by your tutor.

The tutor sets and marks your work.

Further Study Options

On successful completion and achievement of all three terms of this course, you can apply for a place on Functional Skills English or a L2 English Course.