Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing - Level 1 Award (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This course will explore various mental health issues and how they can affect wellbeing. The aim is to remove the stigma of poor mental health by providing an understanding of issues surrounding it. The course will include strategies to improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing.
This course will also be of interest to those who have contact with the general public through everyday living. For example, carers, both in domestic and residential care settings and those providing public services, such as, education, housing, transport and retail, both in employed and voluntary capacities or for personal development.

Course Content

At the end of the course you will:
Understand the meaning of "health and wellbeing"
Understand factors that can influence health and wellbeing
Understand the different types of health services that exist locally
on the course including at case studies, discussion with other learners
For assessment you will produce a portfolio and, with support from your tutor, you will also create your own individual learning plan.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

There are no formal entry requirements for this Level 1 course. However, in order to be able to fully engage with the learning you should have a minimum of Entry Level 3 literacy skills.