Ballroom - Improvers

This course will introduce you to the more advanced steps of Ballroom and Latin dances.

Course Content

This course will introduce you to the more advanced steps for Ballroom and Latin dances (Waltz, Fox-trot, Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba and Jive) over the period of the course.

You will be taught by demonstration and verbal instruction. We encourage learners to work with dancers of different levels whenever possible. The tutor will both demonstrate to the class (often with a student) and also dance with different students during the session as part of the learning process.

Entry Requirements

A desire and enthusiasm to learn more advance combinations of Ballroom dancing - this course is aimed at improvers who are familiar with basic steps of Waltz, Fox-trot, Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba and Jive. More advanced learners may also join.

It is not necessary to join with a partner although you may choose to do so. Dancing with different partners during the class gives the opportunity to improve more quickly.

First Class Requirements

You should wear any comfortable shoes that won't come off, with smooth soles - leather is best - so that you can spin easily. No flip flops, slip-ons or heavy boots. Dancing shoes with suede soles will improve your dancing, but you do not need these immediately.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance will enable you to make maximum progress although it is also possible to catch up after missed sessions as each class will include an element of revision and consolidation before moving on to new steps/movements.

Assessment Methods

Observation during all classes and question and answer as appropriate.

Further Study Options

Further Ballroom and/or Latin Dancing or other dance classes.

Additional Information

You should wear shoes with a smooth sole, avoid anything too heavy like boots, or too flimsy such as flip flops.

It is always good to try to practise between classes if possible as this helps learners progress more quickly.