Better English - English for Employability (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

(Women Only - Residential option)
A weekend English course to improve your employability skills

Course Content

On this course, you will explore different aspects of English to develop your employability skills. You will engage in team work and take part in professional discussions and debates. You will learn to show initiative and discover ways of managing distractions and stress at work. You will develop empathy through working with others. You will learn the necessary skills to complete job applications, write CVs and cover letters, and prepare for and take part in interviews. Please note that this course will teach you the skills to write a CV and cover letters, but you will not have the opportunity to write your CV during the weekend.

Entry Requirements

- No formal entry requirements.
- Not suited to learners who have a Level 2, GCSE or above in English.

Assessment Methods

- Your achievements will be assessed by individual learning plan (ILP).

Further Study Options

Return to Learn courses are designed to encourage you to begin studying. Use the opportunity to think about what you’d like to do next. If your skills are the right level, you could progress to other Hillcroft courses such as:
- weekend Maths & English courses
- The Basic Skills, Future Proof, The Next Level
- Step Up courses
- ICT and Digital Arts courses
- Confidence courses
- Dyslexia courses
- Pre-Access and Access courses

Additional Information

- If you’re unsure about your skills, please ring us.
- If you haven’t been to Hillcroft before, please ring us.

Most learners who opt to study on a residential basis can apply for bursary funding to pay their residential fees. For those who are not eligible, the costs are:

Residential students (accommodation and meals) £ 68
Residential students (accommodation only) £ 58
Residential children (accommodated with parent and meals) £ 34

Childcare cost per child per day (weekday) £ 65
Childcare cost per child per day (weekend) £100

Day students (meals) £ 10