Bookbinding Workshop - Intermediate

This course explores book binding techniques, structures and projects of intermediate complexity. Projects establish progressive skills upon which you can build and reliably adapt.

Intermediate binding techniques, book structures, pattern making and prototyping, tools and materials will be covered as well as adapting materials, Artist Editions and exhibitions.

Develop your own personal project with tutored guidance. Projects draw upon western and eastern historical bindings as well as intermediate book concepts such as text and image, layering, fold-outs, non-adhesive bindings and the book as sculptural object.

Demonstrations and projects teach safe, reliable and adaptable techniques to produce beautiful, hand-bound books of sound construction and lasting beauty.

Course Content

Course aims:

• You will develop your understanding of conservation ethics and techniques.
• You will develop your abilities in bookbinding, which may include new binding styles or refinement of technique.
• You will discuss your aims with your tutor and come up with some achievable personal targets for the course, making progress in independent projects and identifying skills to learn or improve.

Develop creative content while progressing through a intermediate range of technical skills which can be combined and adapted to develop your own project. Then create your own Artist’s Book using techniques, materials and interests developed through the skills projects.

Binding methods combine western and eastern techniques, traditional and contemporary approaches to books and book structures. Learn safe and reliable techniques for measuring, cutting, aligning, folding, gluing and pressing in order to produce an Artist’s Book which embodies the artists’ intention.

Sessions include demonstrations, detailed handouts, step-by-step instructions & diagrams, one-to-one guidance, group discussion and group learning. Students of various levels work together enhancing an exchange of ideas, skills and mutual inspiration.

Entry Requirements

Not suitable for beginners, you must have some experience and the ability to work independently.
This does not have to be through formal coursework, self study or independent experimentation can be sufficient.
An interest in developing creative ideas in book form.
Good written and verbal communication in English.
Good manual dexterity and coordination.
This course involves sharps including binding needles and cutting knives. Instruction and safety handling is given at the beginning of the course.

First Class Requirements

Writing materials and a notebook.
Any tools which you may already have.
One book you may have which demonstrates your interests.
A selection of images, a short text, sketchbook or found object which you may like to develop as a book project.
Tools and materials will be available on the first day if you do not already have your own. You will be advised on tools and materials purchase from outside suppliers on the first day.

Attendance Requirements

This is a leisure course, there is no attendance requirement.
You are encouraged to attend all sessions, especially the demonstrations. If a class is missed, you may review the missed material at a later time.

Assessment Methods

No formal assessment, no grades are assigned.

There are informal group discussions during the course for you to assess your own work as well as the group progress. This is an opportunity for discussion of alternatives, suggestions and informal feedback.

Further Study Options

This course will prepare you to independently complete book projects of medium complexity to exhibition quality.

Class discussions of book presentation, competitions, book arts galleries and collections will further aid students wishing to pursue further opportunities.

Additional Information

You may wish to purchase special tools and materials specific to each project. This is discussed during the course.
Advice on quality, quantity and suppliers is provided.
All instruction pertaining to the projects covered in this course is provided.
Advice on special collections of Book Arts in the UK will be discussed during class sessions.
The tutor is happy to organise a special visit to a special collection should students wish to do so. Further details available during the first session.

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