CMI Coaching & Mentoring Award - Level 3

Effective managers are able to develop the skills of their employees, and motivate them to perform better and achieve new goals. Coaching and Mentoring for Individual and Team Needs is about understanding what the individual and team need from coaching and mentoring and the construction of a suitable process to meet those needs.

Course Content

This short course will introduce you to the processes of coaching and mentoring, which can be used to improve relationships, performance and engagement of yourself and others in the workplace.
During the course, you will explore similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring; different models of coaching; how to set SMART goals with your coachee/mentee; how to identify gaps between current and expected performance in knowledge, skills or behaviour of individuals or teams.
Methods of coaching and mentoring, and the difference between the two
The importance and practicalities of confidentiality and ethics
How to give objective, exploratory and constructive feedback as part of the process
How to identify achievement of progress and recognise success

Safety Information
We want to keep you safe while you are at RHACC and as such all on-site classes will have additional hygiene procedures in place, as per government guidelines. Please note that if guidance changes, we may need to make changes to your course, such as reducing numbers attending onsite, or in the event of lockdown, postponing or moving the course online. Please act responsibly and do not attend the class if you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in recent contact with someone who has. Please see government advice here.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

This course is for managers and supervisors who want to be involved in coaching and mentoring either for their own team or to implement an organisation-wide policy. This is also for anyone looking to move into a coaching role in industries such as education, business, charities or for those who want to take the first step to become self employed in a coaching business. As it is a qualification course you need to have a GCSE in English C or above or Level 2 English equivalent.

If you are interested, please apply and we'll take you through the enrolment process.

Assessment Methods

Progress will be assessed during the course through formative activities, and you will receive regular feedback from your tutor.
A final assignment will enable you to show your understanding and knowledge, and achieve the qualification.

Additional Information

The course fee include registration with the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI).
The final assignment is externally marked and the qualification is awarded directly by the CMI.