Decorative Finishes in Jewellery Practice

This course will offer an exciting introduction into the various techniques of adding texture and colour to jewellery.

Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, come and discover how to apply textures to embellish your jewellery designs by using hammering, roll printing, granulation, patination, gold foil and many more exciting techniques!

Practice decorating your jewellery with your own designs, whether you’re picking up the basics of cutting, forming and texturing, or taking your ideas to the next level with more complex texturing processes.

Course Content

All levels will have plenty of opportunity to explore the use of surface in their work and to experiment with a range of decorative techniques.

Beginners will also learn basic jewellery-making skills - piercing, filing, drilling, polishing, annealing and soldering.

Intermediate or advanced learners will have the opportunity to work on individual projects and to practice, improve and perfect their basic skills as well as discovering new challenging decorative finishes such as filigree, granulation and Keum Boo. You will have one-to-one advice and demonstrations from the tutor when needed.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

- Cut and form sheet metal and wire
- Anneal, texture and solder metal
- Experiment with materials and finishes and have a range of copper and brass samples
- Design and make a final piece in silver using skills you have learnt
- Demonstrate awareness of and work to the health and safety guidelines.
- Use decorative techniques like texturing with the rolling mills, stamps and hammers, etching, overlay and patina.

- Set your goals with help from the tutor
- Sketch out your design ideas
- Use improved jewellery-making skills e.g. piercing, filing, drilling, polishing, annealing and soldering
- Plan and design new pieces incorporating the newly learned textured decorative technique such as reticulation, filigree, granulation, Keum Boo
- Demonstrate a new skill
- Make a piece of jewellery to your own design.

- Set your goals in discussion with the tutor
- Present a sketchbook of ideas and apply these designs to finished pieces
- Achieve a high standard of design and craftsmanship
- Realise your designs by making use of challenging texturing techniques (e.g.filigree, granulation, Keum Boo)

Due to legal Health & Safety requirements we have suspended our etching processes until we have safe alternatives in place.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on the start date of the course.

This course is suitable for all levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

You should be able to follow simple written and verbal instructions, demonstrations, hand-outs and health and safety information, and be prepared to take part in group discussions. You should be happy using numbers and able to do simple measurements and calculations.

First Class Requirements

A sketch book and stationary tools such as pencil, eraser, scissors.

Additional Information

Base metals (copper/brass) and blades for hand tools for this course will be provided by the college. Silver will need to be purchased by you from specialist jewellery suppliers which your tutor can recommend.

If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline, please email