Dyslexia / Dyspraxia 7: Creativity (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

(Women Only - Residential option)
Learn how to enjoy words, and expand your vocabulary.

Course Content

This course will give you a chance to re-visit your creativity or try something new. There will be choices to do art, crafts, drama and other creative activities. You’ll be working with the right side of your brain and this will feel relaxing, stimulating and fun! Explore dyslexic and dyspraxic talents in yourself and in others.

Entry Requirements

None. Applicants may be, or think they might be dyslexic or dyspraxic. If you are unsure, please contact the College on 0208 399 2688 and ask to speak to the Additional Learning Support team (Wednesday to Friday).

Further Study Options

Other Dyslexia / Dyspraxia courses throughout the year may be helpful.

Additional Information

These courses are designed for any women who know they are Dyslexic or Dyspraxic or think they might be.

Most learners who opt to study on a residential basis can apply for bursary funding to pay their residential fees. For those who are not eligible, the costs are:

Residential students (accommodation and meals) £ 68
Residential students (accommodation only) £ 58
Residential children (accommodated with parent and meals) £ 34

Childcare cost per child per day (weekday) £ 65
Childcare cost per child per day (weekend) £100

Day students (meals) £ 10