ESOL Level 1 - Speaking & Listening

If you are settling or living in the UK we have courses for learners of all abilities. These courses will help you to read, write, speak and understand English to help you in everyday life; for example to help your children, communicate with others or to improve your skills for work. If you want to improve your English to get a job we can help you. Our ESOL courses look at topics related to living and working in Britain.

Course Content

You will work on improving your speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills for everyday use in life and work. You will learn new vocabulary and grammar and work on improving your speaking and listening skills so that by the end of the course you are able to communicate accurately and fluently in everyday situations.

On this course you will learn how to:
• Use clear pronunciation to express yourself
• Know when to use formal and informal language in different situations
• Listen for the main points (gist) and specific details in spoken texts on straightforward topics
• Correctly follow verbal instructions to achieve a task
• Give information or an account suitable for a given purpose and audience
• Engage in straightforward discussions where you can state your view and gain information from others.
• Engage in discussion to plan a straightforward task or activity

Entry Requirements

Before you start this course you need to take Step into English to help you choose the right level of Speaking & Listening course.

We have courses at all levels of the Adult ESOL Curriculum from Pre-Entry (for complete beginners) and Entry Level up to Level 2. We will help you find the correct level for you before you start your course.

First Class Requirements

Please bring a folder to keep your work in, a black or blue pen, and a lined notepad of paper.

Attendance Requirements

You are expected to come to every class. You must arrive on time.

Assessment Methods

You will take a Speaking & Listening assessment at the end of the course which will be externally accredited, or an end of term college exam based on your individual learning plan.

Further Study Options

After this course you can continue to study on our ESOL Reading or Writing courses. You can progress through the ESOL levels up to Level 2.
When you have finished your ESOL course you may want to progress into the wider programme offer at RACC including Cambridge Certificate courses, GCSE English courses and our range of vocational and leisure courses.

Additional Information

For information on course fees and how to get additional help to pay for them look at our How to Pay for Your Course section.