ESOL: Preparation for Study (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

(Women Only - Residential option)
This 8 part course will help your to develop your reading & writing skills. It will cover grammar, punctuation and spellings. You will increase your vocabulary and improve your computer skills. To support your studies between each part you can use our Learning Resources Centre and our online resources from home.

Course Content

Part 1: Writing formal and informal letters and emails
12th – 13th Mar 2018
How to set out letters and emails and what to include.

Part 2: Reading and writing an article
19th – 20th Mar 2018
Planning an article, looking at paragraphs and punctuation.

Part 3: Reading and writing descriptions
26th – 27th Mar 2018
How to describe and compare places.

Part 4: Writing and reading about celebrations
16th – 17th April 2018
Planning skills for writing and vocabulary for special events.

Part 5: Writing and reading about the future
23rd – 24th April 2018
Writing about future events and making suggestions.

Part 6: Focus on sentences
30th April – 1st May 2018
Reviewing grammar and punctuation.

Part 7: Exam Preparation
8th – 9th May 2018 ( please note this is a Tuesday and Wednesday)
Tips and techniques for the reading and writing exams. Test papers with individual feedback to improve your marks.

Part 8: Exams & Progression
14th – 15th May 2018
Reading and Writing exams. Individual advice and guidance about future options and progression routes.

Entry Requirements

You must complete Preparation for Work to progress to this course. These courses are for women who already have Entry 2 ESOL skills in most areas and who want to progress to Entry 3 and Level 1. However, if you are a new learner and you are interested in starting on this course please come along to one of our Step into English courses at the Hillcroft centre. These sessions are available on the 20/2, the 27/02 and the 06/03. The sessions will run from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please come along to one of these sessions to meet the tutor and talk about the course.

Assessment Methods

Learning will be monitored through the use of tasks and observation. Assessment of learning will be ongoing through your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). You will have the opportunity to take a Reading and Writing exam at your own level.

Further Study Options

Other ESOL or English courses. You may want to attend other courses such as maths and ICT.

Additional Information

This course has 8 parts and you will need to attend all 8 parts.

Most learners who opt to study on a residential basis can apply for bursary funding to pay their residential fees. For those who are not eligible, the costs are:

Residential students (accommodation and meals) £ 68
Residential students (accommodation only) £ 58
Residential children (accommodated with parent and meals) £ 34

Childcare cost per child per day (weekday) £ 65
Childcare cost per child per day (weekend) £100

Day students (meals) £ 10