Guitar - Beginners

Your course will begin at the very beginning! You will soon be playing simple tunes and developing your enjoyment of playing guitar in a fun and creative environment.

Course Content

This fun, practical course will provide you with a solid understanding of playing the guitar, and music in general. You will develop your guitar playing and consider topics such as:

• Understanding the neck of the guitar
• Developing good posture
• Strumming, fretting and picking techniques
• Developing a repertoire of simple tunes
• Reading music (notation and tab)
• Basic music theory
• How and what to practice

You will learn as a group, but inevitably each learner will develop at their own pace. You will explore a range of music from simple pieces to some more challenging ones as appropriate to your level. You will explore some ensemble (group) pieces appropriate to everyone’s ability and level.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to all and there are no specific entry requirements. Level 1 literacy or above is an advantage, as handouts will be distributed at different times to reinforce learning. No knowledge of music notation or theory is required.

First Class Requirements

An acoustic guitar is most suitable for the course, and may be steel-string or nylon-string. An explanation of the differences will be given in the first lesson. If you have an electric guitar, that's acceptable, but you may need to bring a small practice amp too.

Please bring your guitar, notebook and pencil. A tuner, music stand, and folder for handouts will also be useful.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance throughout the course will help you gain maximum benefit from the course.

Assessment Methods

There is no formal assessment on this course, although you will be able to identify individual goals and later reflect on your development. Your tutor will assess your learning and progress during the practical nature of the classes.

Further Study Options

You may wish to progress to further guitar courses here or be inspired to explore more of our practical music courses such as singing.

Additional Information

If you require further course information or advice and guidance that is not answered in this outline please email

If you would like general information about the college, for example, fees and finance, funding, term dates or opening times please email or drop in to our main reception area.