How to Read Music - Beginners

This short course will introduce you to the basic elements of music theory, both in terms of listening to music and looking at written music. We will demystify this complex language and familiarise you with the main ideas.

Course Content

We will look at:
• The basic elements of a note: pitch, duration, timbre
• What is music: melody, harmony, rhythm
• Some common terms in music, for example the note-names, and descriptions such as ‘crescendo’ and ‘allegro’
• Time signatures and scales

Entry Requirements

Level 2 literacy recommended although not compulsory as there will be handouts to accompany the sessions.

Many learners will probably also be attending another music or singing class at RACC but this is optional.

First Class Requirements

Pen and paper

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is recommended to benefit to the maximum from this class.

Assessment Methods

The course will be run at the level of the students attending and will be assessed informally by question and answer and observation/listening. No previous knowledge is required.

Further Study Options

Other Music courses

Additional Information

• If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline, please email