Improving Productivity Using IT - Level 1 (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

(Women Only - Residential option)
Using the skills, knowledge and techniques gained on the following courses:
Word Processing Software level 1
Presentation Software Level 1
Spreadsheet Software Level 1

You will work independently to complete an assignment over the duration of the weekend.

Course Content

On this course you will demonstrate the skills gained on previous level 1 courses by:
• Planning the use of appropriate IT software to meet requirements
• Using IT systems and software efficiently to complete the planned tasks
• Reviewing the selection and use of IT tools to make sure that work activities are successful

Entry Requirements

You will need to have achieved the following units at level 1 to attend this course:
· Word Processing Software
· Presentation Software
· Spreadsheet Software
· Desktop Publishing

Assessment Methods


Further Study Options

Level 2 ICT courses Word Processing, Presentation Software, Spreadsheet Software

Additional Information

Most learners who opt to study on a residential basis can apply for bursary funding to pay their residential fees. For those who are not eligible, the costs are:

Residential students (accommodation and meals) £ 68
Residential students (accommodation only) £ 58
Residential children (accommodated with parent and meals) £ 34
Childcare cost per child per day (weekday) £ 65
Childcare cost per child per day (weekend) £100

Day students (meals) £ 10