Introduction to Art and Design for Wellbeing (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This course is designed to build your sense of well-being and develop self-confidence through exploring your creativity.

In addition to learning a variety of arts and crafts your course will help you to set your own manageable goals and recognise your own personal responses to social and emotional situations. Your course will include tips and strategies about how to manage stress and develop emotional resilience through a range of exercises designed to promote a sense of personal well-being.

Course Content

Activities include:
Introduction to visual language and drawing
Research into art movements and artists, and crafts and crafts practitioners
Exploration of a range of processes and techniques used in art, design and craft disciplines
Use of sketchbooks to record and explore ideas
Health and safety in workshops
Individual presentations and group work
Discussion groups to explore the effectiveness of various techniques
Tutor, peer and self-assessment

Activities and exercises designed to promote a sense of self-confidence and personal well-being.
This is a project-led course and you will produce work on a given theme. There will be no formal assessment but you will receive regular feedback on your work from your peers and tutor.

Safety Information
We want to keep you safe while you are at RHACC and as such all on-site classes will have additional hygiene procedures in place, as per government guidelines. Please note that if guidance changes, we may need to make changes to your course, such as reducing numbers attending onsite, or in the event of lockdown, postponing or moving the course online. Please act responsibly and do not attend the class if you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in recent contact with someone who has. Please see government advice here.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

There are no specific entry requirements but you must be keen to explore your own creativity and experiment with techniques and processes you have never tried before.

First Class Requirements

Pen and notebook, A3 sketchbook, any art materials you may possess eg pencils, paints, brushes, pastels etc. Cartridge paper and charcoal will be provided.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is essential as per your learning agreement with the college