Introduction to SQL and Data Science

Data Science is concerned with extracting knowledge and insights from computer data. This might be structured data, like sales and customer information collected by a business and stored in a database, or unstructured data, like customer feedback or social media comments.
SQL is the standard language for storing and manipulating structured data and is used by millions of businesses around the world. The course will first look at the use of SQL for data analysis and then move on to looking at other tools and techniques for adding unstructured data into the mix of information available for decision making.
Students for this course should be competent computer users and have an interest in learning how to collect and manipulate data to extract useful information.

Course Content

you will learn how to:

* Be able to set up, manage and edit data tables using SQL.
* Query a database using Structured Query Language
(SQL) statements to retrieve records from a single table.
* Be able to sort, group and summarise records and make simple reports using SQL
* Learn how to import and export data from SQL
* Learn about how you can integrate SQL with other applications
such as websites or desktop applications.

Additional Information

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