IT and Digital - Information, Advice and Guidance

Please see Course Content for additional safety information regarding classroom-based learning.

Advice and Guidance

Our IT and Digital courses are for people who want to learn or improve their skills for employability, move into higher education or for developing their own business.

Our advice sessions help you get started on the best route for learning for you.

We are a recognised centre with qualifications & short courses from entry level to advanced. Speak to one of our teachers to get helpful advice and discuss your learning needs and goals and how you can achieve them. Please use the 'Enrol now' link to book one of these sessions to suit your needs.

The advice session is carried out remotely and using a phone call initially with the contact information you have supplied

It covers:
An Interview to discuss the course and its suitability for you
A review of your past qualifications and your goals
A free writing exercise to check your written english
Overview of how the remote learning model works

If your interview is successful you will be sent an approval email so that you can proceed to enrolment

In some cases you will be asked to send evidence of your prior achievement

Certification checks (5 mins)
Assessments for Maths and English (45 mins total if required)
Free writing assessment (20 mins)
Interview / Advice and guidance (20 mins)

For learners who are wishing to undertake a qualification course who do not have certificates we will need to assess your English and Maths skills using an online test.
This takes approximately 40 mins. You will also be asked to undertake a timed writing assessment which takes 20 minutes.

Additional Information

On coming to an advice session it is best to be well prepared. For learners undertaking qualification courses you are advised to scan and email your prior certificates (particularly Maths and English) in advance to quoting your full name and the course this is for, if these are satisfactory you do not need to take our online Maths and English assessments. You will only be asked to undertake a timed writing assessment which takes 20 minutes.

Subject to meeting the course requirements you can then progress onto enrolment which takes place online. Contact when you are ready to enrol.
Here you will be able to upload your ID and any related concession paperwork.


If you need to cancel your appointment or booked sessions email, please note failure to attend a booked appointment without prior notice could lead to losing a potential place on a course.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on the start date of the course.

Additional Information

As a result of the government’s closure of schools and colleges, some of our courses will be delivered through remote learning including video conferencing, (using Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) and email contact with your tutor.

If your course is indicated as an ONLINE COURSE, you will need either a PC (with a camera and microphone), laptop, tablet, smartphone and access to the internet to be able to join the lessons. Lessons will run at the published time – so be ready and set up to join in.

We hope you will enjoy this new approach to learning – many of our learners have commented on how they are enjoying the classes and have improved their IT and digital skills in the process.

Please don't worry if some of this is new to you - you are not alone! See here for guidance on how to use our simple software. If you are experiencing any problems with connection or installing software for your online class please contact our learning resource team on We are here to help you.