Kids Come First [KCF]

Kids Come First is a separated parent support forum & training workshop of child-focused material, including visual slides & printed handouts on the following topics:

The Break-Up 'Thermometer; The Stress Brain; Loss Cycle Stages & Emotions; Children's Feelings; Emotional Impact; Distress Signals; Family 'Solar System'; Child responses & behaviours by age group (Babies/Infants; Eldest; Middle; Youngest; Only); Sibling Dynamics; Teenage Brain; Seeking Firmer Roots; Working Together; Difference is Good; Parenting Styles; Conflict & the Human Brain; Resolving & Avoiding Conflict; Creating a 'Safe Roof' for Children; Difficulties Seeing the other Parent
Emotional Journeys:Bridging the Gap; Creating the Path to the other Parent;Weekday/Weekend Parenting ?Styles?; Parenting Flexibility; Children as
Spies, Messengers, Judges & Witnesses
Explaining Adult & Parental Love; Introducing New Partners; Child trauma behaviours: Damage limitation for Parents & Children; Moving Forward; Positive Co-Parenting; Survival Strategies & Damage