Lettering & Calligraphy - Weekend Workshop

This course is specially designed for students wishing to learn an historical script. The course will also help to develop your creativity and will give you a lot of ideas for future personal projects.

Creating calligraphy is more than creating art, but also a meditative drawing process which involves creating images from repetitive patterns without preplanning or design. This is a relaxing workshop, which will help you silence the inner critic and tap into your creative spirit. This mindful art is taught through a simple step-by-step process in a calm and supportive environment.

Course Content

Illuminated initial
3rd November - 4th November 2018
To illuminate has come to mean “brighten, glorify and shed light”. In this workshop you will learn, step by step, how to use gold and metal leaf in the manner of the medieval scribe to “light up” a drawn and painted initial of your choice and make it shine. Both modern and traditional techniques will be taught and examples from manuscript books and the art world will provide inspiration.
The workshop will begin with a brief talk on the process of gilding and participants are then able to choose from several illuminated letter designs to work from. This unique workshop gives participants a rare opportunity to create their own illuminated letters, using rich gem-like colours edged or highlighted with gold leaf.

Modern Calligraphy
9th February - 10th February 2019
2nd March – 3rd March 2019
In this modern calligraphy workshop you will learn everything about how to get started with quirky handwritten lettering styles. In this two-day class you will learn how to write with a traditional dip pen, using lightness and pressure to create beautiful thin and thick strokes. We will cover pen “pressure and release” techniques along with the basics of illustrating letters.
We will explore different inks, pens and papers, as well as consider how to choose the best materials for your own work.
This is a practical, informal class and the focus will be on having lots of fun while learning. At the end of the workshop you will take home example alphabets, so you can continue to enjoy modern calligraphy.

Renaissance Italic (Cataneo)
8th June - 9th June 2019
This course is specially designed for students wishing to learn an historical script. Students will learn how to use the pen, the correct letterforms, spacing and writing words in Renaissance Italic. Bernardino Cataneo was a teaching master of Siena, Italy, circa 1545. This hand is known for its exquisite beauty. It features numerous pen lifts within and between letters, making it eminently legible (readable) - the cornerstone of good handwriting. Another sign of the Cataneo hand is that virtually each letter stands alone; there are none of the diagonal joins that inevitably develop in a true running script.
During this class students will practice historical texts, produce some short text inscriptions and will get a clear idea how to use the script for future projects.

Modern Decorated Capital letters.
7th July - 8th July 2018
6th July - 7th July 2019
Basic colour theory will be covered through controlled exercises in mixing watercolours as well as consideration of how colour can be used most appropriately for calligraphy. We will explore to how take advantage of the relationship between ink colour and paper colour to maximise the impact of a letter. In-class project includes designing a coloured modern letter.

Entry Requirements

The course is suitable for absolute beginners and for everybody interested in calligraphy. Suitable for left and right-handers.

First Class Requirements

Layout Paper (A3);
Tracing Paper (A3);
Good quality smooth hot pressed paper A3 (like Fabriano Artistico or Saunders Waterford);
Eraser, Ruler 50cm, Pencil.
Watercolours and water container, kitchen roll.

Also for Traditional Calligraphy workshops - Pilot Parallel 2.4mm Pen.

Also for Modern Calligraphy workshops - Speedball 2968 Oblique Pen Set.

Also for Illuminated initial and Modern Decorated Capital letters workshops – Speedball 2965 Mapping Pen Set and Sakura Quickie Glue Pen.

Some materials will be available for purchase during the course.

Additional Information

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This specialist course has been identified to run with fewer numbers due to either the student demand for the course and subject area or the need for increased one to one tuition. This course will be able to run with only 6 learners and will have a maximum of 10 in the class.