Office Skills OCNLR Level 1 Certificate

This course is a Level 1 course and aims to provide skills in using word processing software and spreadsheet software to produce a professional document that is based around relevant workplace skills. You will cover using IT tools safely, securely as well as efficiently and effectively. This course develops the IT skills needed to move into administration, office or secretarial work.

Course Content

The course covers the following modules:
Word, Excel, (formulae , functions, producing charts and graphs to analyse data) Using the Internet (research skills and communication)

The modules are taught so that you gain knowledge of best practice and are able to evaluate the use of IT so that your work practices are efficient.

The methods of teaching are:
Classroom based with work related material
Group work and Pair work
One to One support and careers advice
Project work
Class assignments

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

Entry Requirements:

You will need to have enough English (at a minimum of Entry 3 equivalent) to be able to:
Understand instructions with some technical vocabulary and provide material that demonstrates techniques learned.
Communicate clearly with the tutor and participate in classroom discussions
Use a keyboard and a mouse confidently.

Ideally you will have already completed a basic course using Office software. We will however consider past experience. There will be an interview and a formal screening session to ensure that the course will meet your needs.

Tutor approval required.

First Class Requirements

Memory stick, pen, paper

Attendance Requirements

As this a qualification based course you need to have 100% attendance. Developing IT skills is an ongoing process and the exercises are built upon your progress week by week.

Assessment Methods

This qualification is gained by producing a portfolio which is produced from class based exercises with ongoing feedback provided by the tutor. The final portfolio is then reviewed by an external moderator to verify the qualification.

Further Study Options

Office Skills Certificate Level 2 with a volunteering option.

Additional Information

If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline, please email You can also make an appointment for further information or tutor approval on our Open Days.