Painting Masterclass - Techniques, Materials and Methods with Jutta Gloeckner

This masterclass does not mean you have to be a ‘master painter’! This class is for those who wish to learn to paint with style and confidence. There is always something new to learn and experience even if you are a pro.

Discover the versatility of oil, water based and mixed media painting techniques that are available to help you explore the magic of painting approaches more fully. During this course you will explore painting techniques through a series of weekly challenges in the first half of the term as well as project work for the second part of the term, developing painting techniques and methods that are key elements in any successful piece of art and are essential in keeping the viewer engaged with your work.

Course Content

Course Outcomes

• You will learn to use resources on Moodle for your work
• Follow a disciplined approach to your work. Be relaxed in your body, but focused in your mind.
• You will learn the art of thumbnail sketching
• You will learn to collect a range of ideas for you project in your sketch book
• You will learn to select an approach to enhance a particular idea
• You will learn to apply a wide range of new and exciting drawing & painting techniques, methods and materials
• You will learn to find your personal way/style of interpreting a subject
• You will discuss work produced in the group

This course is an exciting exploration into traditional and contemporary painting techniques. Through practise, discussion and guided activities, you will learn how to apply techniques to full-scale paintings and develop a working record of your personal discoveries.

This courses aims to develop your skills and knowledge in investigating and exploring the physical properties of different painting media and materials. A series of painting activities and project work will cover the techniques of major contemporary and historical artists (figure, still-life, landscape and abstraction) giving you a better understanding of how paint can be applied and will include individual tutoring to enable you to take selected works through to completion.

You will be encouraged to use unusual painting tools and you will experiment in new and exciting ways of making an image, a painting to surprise yourself.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

• Select and apply a painting approach that enhances a particular idea
• Demonstrate increased skill and confidence in using direct and indirect painting techniques
• Be able to use oil and water based painting techniques and properties (including mediums and additives) and mixed media
• Experiment, improvise and apply personal mark-making techniques
• Complete 5 to 6 pieces of work that demonstrate contrasting application of techniques
• Use a range of unusual painting tools

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on the start date of the course.

This class is for you if you wish to see your existing skills develop. You may already have some painting skills but might wish to expand your existing practice. This class is aimed at intermediate or above and is for those who wish to learn to paint with style and confidence. Beginners are better suited to Painting & Drawing classes (Wed Am & Pm and Fri Am). You will be tutored by an experienced artist, Jutta Gloeckner.

First Class Requirements

Charcoal and soft coloured pastels

An A4 cartridge sketchbook is useful for research and notes.

Paper is available to purchase at the college

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