Prepare for your Maths GCSE

This course will be delivered online.

This course is for anyone who is interested in studying GCSE Maths in the next academic year. This course is suitable for current learners at RHACC and for those who haven't studied at RHACC before. This is short course is for students who are studying towards a level 2 maths qualification or have completed a gcse or Level 2 maths within the past 2 years. The course aims to bridge the gap between level 2 and Foundation tier gcse maths.
If you are studying on one of the college's level 2 maths courses you can discuss enrolment to this course with your course tutor. If you are not currently studying a course with us you should sit a screening assessment in our LRC. You will need to gain Level 1maths to apply for an interview for this course. You should have English skills equivalent to level 2 or ESOL Level 2. You will be asked to provide evidence of your English level at interview. You may also be recommended to meet our tutors to discuss other preparatory courses if you are not yet ready for pre-gcse study.

Course Content

This course will de delivered by remote sessions until the college is able to reopen, when the sessions will then take place in college.

The on-line classes will take place at the same day and time as the planned sessions in college.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

You will be introduced to a selection of gcse topics including ; Number - compound interest and repeated percentage change, working with standard form; Algebra - its language and rules, subsituting into fomulae, re-arranging and solving equations; Geometry - angle properties in shapes, areas and volumes; Graphs - co-ordinates and using linear equations to construct graphs; Statistics - finding averages from grouped data, constructing and interpreting charts; Probability - working out probabilities and solving problems using tree diagrams, two way tables and Venn diagrams. You will complete a Level 2 diagnostic assessment which allows you to identify any areas needing further practise and some individual learning targets will be set alongside the main course content.

First Class Requirements

How much homework will I need to do outside of class? I order to make progress in maths at any level, it is essential to do some maths each day. You will be set a task to complete for homework but you will also be advised on resources that you can use to practise and improve your skills at your own pace. Careful time management, good self-organisation and constant motivation are the key factors underpinning success in any qualification course that is taken subsequently. This course aims to help you to create good study habits to carry forward into your next area of study.

Assessment Methods

You should bring along your textbook, an A4 writing pad, pen, pencil, highlighter. You should also have a calculator, protractor, compass, 30cm ruler, rubber. You will be advised on when you need to bring these specialised resources.

By enrolling on a Maths course you can develop your problem solving, quantitative reasoning, communication and time management skills including working to deadlines. Mathematical knowledge is very important in STEM jobs and in many other jobs. For example, health care professionals need maths skills to treat patients, understand medical tests, and operate medical equipment. In fact, maths is a basic skill in most occupations.

Additional Information

As a result of the government’s closure of schools and colleges, some of our courses will be delivered through remote learning including video conferencing, (using Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) and email contact with your tutor.

If your course is indicated as an ONLINE COURSE, you will need either a PC (with a camera and microphone), laptop, tablet, smartphone and access to the internet to be able to join the lessons. Lessons will run at the published time – so be ready and set up to join in.

We hope you will enjoy this new approach to learning – many of our learners have commented on how they are enjoying the classes and have improved their IT and digital skills in the process.

Please don't worry if some of this is new to you - you are not alone! See here for guidance on how to use our simple software. If you are experiencing any problems with connection or installing software for your online class please contact our learning resource team on We are here to help you.

You attendance is required at each and every session. You are expected to have 100% attendance. If you feel you can?t commit to this expected level of attendance, then this course will not be suitable for you. If you are unable to attend any one session then you are asked to notify the tutor in advance so that they can inform you of work and topics which will be covered during that session. We must stress though that attendance at every session is essential to your success as a learner and missing sessions is disruptive to your tutor and class colleagues.