Preparing for British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 Award

This course is designed to teach learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language on a range of topics that involves everyday language use.

Learners will gain the basic skills and confidence in the production and reception of BSL. The course will enable learners to prepare with confidence towards the BSL Level 1 course and undertaking assessments

Course Content

1. Understand and produce fingerspelling in a basic conversation when meeting people using Deaf etiquette
2. Recognise and use strategies for asking for clarification
3. Ask for and give personal information about self or others
4. Know basic numbers and calendar
5. Know different weather conditions and respond to questions about the weather
6. Give and receive information about transport and travelling
7. Give and follow simple directions in instructions in BSL
8. Be able to understand signed communication and answer simple questions about
everyday routines
9. Know food and drink including ordering a meal
10. Be able to communicate using a simple range of vocabulary in BSL including facial
expressions, body movement, placements and reference
11. Be able to take part in a basic conversation in BSL

Teaching Methods / Activities including resources/aids
Class teaching
Pair and group work
Role play

Progress assessment
Weekly Assessment and feedback
Mock Assessments x2
Assessments x2

Lesson evaluation
Learner evaluation
Tutor evaluation

Additional Information

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