Rock and Pop Guitar - Improvers

Rock and Pop Guitar Improvers is a new fun course aimed at bridging the gap between beginners and intermediate guitarists. You will learn techniques associated with the playing styles of many popular music genres covering both rhythm and lead guitar, expanding your musical knowledge and skills whilst building a repertoire of iconic songs.

Course Content

The course will cover:

Expanding your chord vocabulary (extended chords, chord voicings appropriate to genre and how to accompany)
Reading chord charts, learning popular songs and common chord progressions
Fingerpicking/arpeggio playing
Introduction to lead guitar techniques (string bending, palm muting, double stops)
Practice methods
Ear Training (recognising simple diatonic chord progressions and intervals, playing short phrases by ear)

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

The course tutor has been teaching the guitar for nearly twenty years and performs regularly with a number of different ensembles throughout the UK. He has a degree in music and a master?s degree in composition.

The course is suitable for beginners (both acoustic and electric guitarists) but some playing experience is required. A basic knowledge of open chords and the ability to read guitar notation (Tablature) and simple chord charts is the minimum requirement.

You will learn as a group, but inevitably each learner will develop at their own pace. You will explore a range of music from simple pieces to some more challenging ones arranged as appropriate to your level.

First Class Requirements

Please bring your guitar (guitar lead if using electric guitar) notebook, and a pen or pencil. A tuner, music stand, and folder for handouts will also be useful.

Attendance Requirements

To get the most from the course regular attendance is required.

Assessment Methods

There is no formal assessment on this course but you will receive specific feedback and have the option to take a practical exam if you so wish.

Further Study Options

There are following on courses for those wishing to continue their studies at the college.