Rock and Pop Workshop

This exciting new workshop will help you to develop ensemble and performing skills whilst building a repertoire of popular songs in a group setting. The course is open to all instruments and vocalists.

Course Content

Topics will include:

- Instrumental technique
- Performance and ensemble skills
- Theory
- Improvisation
- Building repertoire
- Developing practice routines and strategies

This course is aimed at an introductory to lower intermediate level. Although the course is not for beginners, you do not necessarily need experience playing with an ensemble. The workshops will be designed to stretch all abilities.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

No formal qualifications are required but the learners are expected to be grade 2/3 level.

Guitars / keyboard instruments:

- Ability to read chord charts, simple melodies and riffs from notation or guitar tablature
- Knowledge of basic chords (maj/min/dom7) and ability to 'comp', play a simple chord sequence in time
- Basic music theory and technical knowledge would be an advantage (notes on your instruments / chord and scale construction / understanding of song structure and elements of music).


- The ability to sing some songs already
- Have some appreciation of pitch
- Basic music theory would be an advantage


- Some reading skills advantageous but not essential
- Ability to play some simple pop and rock grooves at varying tempos with some knowledge of different genres
- Ability to perform basic rudiments and drum fills

Front line instruments:

- Some basic sight reading ability
- Be comfortable with the technical requirements of the instrument
- Basic music theory would be an advantage