Spanish - Beginners Stage 1

If you are a complete beginner this course is for you!

You will start with the basic vocabulary words such as greetings, alphabet, numbers, colours. You will learn some basic grammar (articles, singular and plural, gender, adjectives, present tense of some of the most used verbs). You will gain the confidence to express yourself in basic conversations. Our goal is also to boost your interest and knowledge of the culture.

The sessions are very interactive and engaging, so come prepared to join in and have some fun!

Course Content

You have never studied the language, or you may have studied the language some time ago.

You will study:

Personal information (e.g. nationality, family, occupation)

Eating and drinking (e.g. ordering food and drinks in cafes and restaurants)

Read and write the language alphabet

Formal and informal language if appropriate

Negative structure

The basic rules of pronunciation

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

No previous knowledge of the language is required. This is a course for complete beginners.

First Class Requirements

Please bring a pen and paper or your electronic device if preferred.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is advisable to ensure maximum progress.

Assessment Methods

Learners will discuss their goals with the tutor who will assess their progress during the course through in-class observation and a range of activities.

There will be tutor input, group pair and individual work, and use of a range of audio-visual and IT resources. We aim to match the teaching to a wide range of individual learning styles and to make your learning enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. You will be given homework to complete after each session.

This is not an exam course.

Further Study Options

Further to completing this course you can enrol on Beginners Stage 2.

Additional Information

In the first class your tutor will let you know the name of the course textbook to purchase.

Some literacy, numeracy and IT skills can help you learn a language. We can give you guidance and support to acquire these.