Tai Chi

You will gain an understanding of the Yin/Yang concept and learn long sequences from the long Yang style. You will progress to complete the three parts of the long form.

Course Content

Your initial lessons will involve the following:
* Form work - up to cross hands, holding postures
* Body alignment, song, sensitivity, recieving and neutralising energy
* Basic chi-king
* Solo drills and pair work
* Training advice
You will then progress further to include:
* Up to four corners
* Testing postures in pairs
* Push hand patterns
* Standing post sequences
* Visualisation techniques
* 'Yin Yang directions
* 'Yi lead chi' with visualisations.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to all. You should have a reasonable fitness level and be able to move pain free.

First Class Requirements

You should wear loose clothing and flat-soled, good-ground-gripping, flexible shoes are best. You may wish to purchase Tai-Chi Shoes, please talk to your tutor for recommendations.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is recommended.

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed by tutor observation.

Additional Information

Please note background recorded music will be played during the sessions