Tai Chi/Qi Gong

You will leave classes feeling calm but alert with increased energy and reduced stress by combining slow movements, mental focus and harmonized breathing.

Course Content

Your tutor will guide you through the 18 movements of Qi Gong but cover all principles of Tai Chi. Your lessons will include combinations of the following:
*Concepts of Yin and Yang
* Posture awareness
* Structure of the body
* Elements of Sung - relaxation
* Attitude - how to use the mind to calm the body
* Meditation

Entry Requirements

You should be reasonably mobile.

First Class Requirements

You should wear loose clothing and flat-soled, good-ground-gripping, flexible shoes are best. You may wish to purchase Tai-Chi Shoes, pelase talk to your tutor for recommendations.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is recommended.

Assessment Methods

You will be observed by tutor observation.