Taste of France - Burgundy

In this course, you will discover dishes from Burgundy region of France. The cuisine is very different to the south, mainly focusing on the incredible wines in the area. This region has rich fertile soil, making it an ideal environment for dairy farms, along with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Course Content

You will learn some basic cooking skills and basic hygiene and health and safety principles. The following recipes will be made but could be subject to change due to tutor?s discretion and the availability of ingredients:

Taste of Burgundy:

Week 1: Poached eggs in red wine (Oeufs en meurette), Apple cake (Flamusse aux pommes)

Week 2: Cheese gougeres, pain d?epices aux grains d?anis (?spice bread? with star anis)
Week 3: Chicken with ?yellow wine? and morels (Poulet au vin jaune et morilles)
Week 4: Chicken in red wine (Coq au vin), pomme puree, poached pear in blackcurrant (cassis)
Week 5: Cauliflower gratin with lardons, Lyonnaise potatoes (pommes Lyonnaise)
Week 6: Apple tart Tatin, fresh custard (creme anglaise), almond biscuits (tuiles aux amandes)

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

This course is aimed at students of beginner to intermediate level. Confident cookery skills are beneficial but a love of cooking and preparing food is more important.

Assessment Methods

The tutor will work where possible on a one to one basis to assess your cooking skills and give advice on how to improve. You will have an Individual learning plan to record your progress and the tutor will give you a feedback on your progress. You will be taught by clear demonstrations in the group and one to one teaching.

Further Study Options

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to register for all courses in the ?Flavours of? range, exploring cuisines from around the world.

Additional Information

Online classes: you will receive a full list of ingredients and equipment to resource for the duration of the course at least 10 days before the course starts.