Web Technologies - Level 2 Certificate in Digital Skills OCNLR

This is a hands-on, project-based course that will give you confidence with web design and web development while gaining employability skills. The course is suitable for those interested in working in web design, either full-time or as an additional source of income. The course has also been successfully completed by managers who work with, and need to communicate, with web designers.
The course consists of four interconnected modules which lead you through the process of building a series of websites of increasing complexity, the final one being a responsive website which is data driven. Successful completion of the course leads to a level 2 certificate in Digital Skills.

Course Content

The modules are as follows:HTML and CSS Basics

This module will teach you how to use the web layout languages HTML and CSS to design custom web pages and link them into a website. You will learn how to structure the content of pages using HTML and how to apply styling to your content with CSS to produce effective and stylish web pages that effectively communicate with their audience both on desktop and mobile devices.

Programming Fundamentals using PHP

Most modern webpages are now built-on-demand with the webpage collecting up-to-date and relevant information from company databases or other external data sources before formatting the result and delivering the webpage to the viewer. PHP is a programming language that makes it easy for web designers to add this functionality to their webpages. As an additional benefit PHP works well as a first programming language for those interesting in learning more about programming and also provides insights into how to customise webpages created in website builders like WordPress which are powered by PHP.

SQL using MySQL

This module will teach you how to create and manage databases using MySQL, a popular and free Database Management System. You will see how to use PHP to extract data from a database and show it in a webpage, and also how to take user-supplied information, foe example a completed contact or order form, and store that information in a database for future use.

Digital Safety and Security

This module will give you the skills to safeguard yourself and others from online threats when working online. You will learn how to maintain data security and understand the legal and organisational constraints, guidelines and procedures which apply when working online.
A full list of learning outcomes for the course are available on request. A course tutor is available to answer any questions about this course and its suitability for your needs.

Entry Requirements

Entry is by tutor approval only. Students should have a good knowledge of ICT systems and/or already work within the IT industry. Having some prior experience of programming and development would be useful. Learners will need a good standard of literacy and numeracy prior to considering this course. You will need a minimum of Level 1 in both due to the written nature of some of the assignments.

First Class Requirements

Pen, Paper, USB Portable storage or an online cloud storage account

Attendance Requirements

Attendance is mandatory for this course, you are expected to attend every session.

Assessment Methods

Mainly through Project and Practical work and some written reports.

Further Study Options

Progression to Web Technologies courses at level 3, the CIW or Level 3 Access to Computing or other specialist Web technologies or Digital Marketing courses.

Additional Information