Woodwork - Beginners/Improvers

This course will give students a thorough grounding in the practice and theory of woodwork, the emphasis being largely on practical work. The correct application and use of hand and power tools is covered in detail and students will be encouraged to design and make an original piece of work.

Course Content

Course aims:

• You will learn how to sharpen chisels
• You will use chisels safely and effectively
• You will gain understanding of timber movement with respect to furniture design
• You will set up and use the following power tools safely and effectively -router, biscuit jointer, jigsaw
• You will mark out, cut and fit the following joints -cross halving, mortice and tenon, dovetail
• You will design an original project
• You will calculate the volume of timber needed for any given project
• You will set up and use the following hand tools -saws, planes, marking tools, cabinet scraper

Short practical exercises (joint cutting, chisel sharpening etc.) form the core skills at the start. Further work on design and timber appreciation is added to allow students to develop projects of their own devising. Teaching will be a mix of tutor demonstration/talk, group discussions and case studies. Some homework will be given as a helpful addition to class sessions.

Please note that you will be required to purchase additional materials for this course in order to complete your work. The cost will depend on size and scale of your project, and you will receive guidance from the tutor. Please see 'additional information' tab for more information.

Entry Requirements

No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

First Class Requirements

A 2B pencil, appropriate footwear.

Attendance Requirements

Full attendance will ensure you get the most from the course, but if you miss a session the tutor will ensure you get support to catch up.

Assessment Methods

Assessment will be by tutor appraisal of student work and student self assessment. This can be in the form of either verbal feedback or written statement, according to the students wishes.

Further Study Options

Tutor advice and guidance will be offered where sought.

Additional Information

We strongly recommend that learners wear non slip, closed footwear and protective aprons (and gloves if appropriate) to ensure that any risk from materials used in the class is minimised.

The college has adequate stocks of tools-(though students will be encouraged to purchase a small selection of hand tools-chisels, etc.). Timber is also provided for initial technical exercises, but students will be expected to source and purchase timber for individual projects-guidance on this will be given by the course tutor.