5 courses
Floristry & Horticulture

Build your own Terrarium

You will learn how a terrarium works; how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them.

28/06/2024 - Fri (13:00-15:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £37 - C02106-232403

Garden Design - Introduction

Are you interested in designing or developing your own garden? This short course will cover the exciting opportunities and challenges involved in the process; support you to develop your creative skills and learn to maximise the potential of even the smallest spaces using planting and design.

26/04/2024 - Fri (10:00-12:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 5 weeks - £95 - C02136-232403

Meadow and Wildlife Planting in your Garden

Come along to learn to create your own mini meadow in your garden. This fun introductory session will help you to bring more wildlife and insects into your garden through planting and design techniques. Everyone will leave with their own 'micro meadow' planted out in a tray or pot ready to grow on as well as lots of other ideas to try out at home.

23/04/2024 - Tue (13:00-16:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £36 - C02140-232403

Propagation Plants for Free

Interested in finding out how to save money by growing your own plants from cuttings and seeds? In this 3 hour introductory session, we will explore the basics to plant propagation including taking cuttings and sowing seeds to produce the most successful results. You will have the opportunity to try some of the techniques yourself and will leave with your results to take home to nurture further.

10/05/2024 - Fri (13:00-16:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £36 - C02139-232401

Seasonal Gardening What and When to Plant

New to gardening and wondering what you need to be doing in your garden at different times in the year? Whether its flowers, vegetables or shrubs you?re interested in, this series of workshops can help get you started or develop your gardening knowledge to make your garden even better. You can take each one individually or all 3 to help you throughout the growing year.

01/03/2024 - Fri (13:00-15:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £36 - C02507-232401
15/06/2024 - Sat (10:00-13:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £36 - C02507-232402