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Interior Design & AutoCAD

Interior Design - Intermediate

Following on from Interior Design - Introduction, this shorter course offers the opportunity to work through your own interior design project with the support of your tutor, putting into practice the techniques and knowledge you have gained on the prevous introductory course.

If you do not have a project the tutor will set one adapted to your area of interest.

06/06/2024 - Thu (18:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £109/FREE - C01491-232403

Interior Design - Introduction

Find out if you have what it takes to be an interior designer with this course.

We will be learning about trends, history, colour and how to create a concept board.
As you learn, you will realise that there is much more involved than simply selecting fabrics and colours. There will be an emphasis on developing your practical skills as we guide you through the design processes employed by professional interior designers.
We will introduce you to a three-dimensional thinking and analysis the interior
as you develop your concept and begin to plan and stylise an...

25/04/2024 - Thu (18:00-21:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 5 weeks - £109/FREE - C01490-232404

Interior Design A to Z for Home Improvements

This course will be delivered online.

This course serves as an introduction to interior design and is suitable for beginners wishing to add their own stamp to each room of their home, from small cosmetic makeovers, to full renovation projects including kitchen and bathroom. The course will focus on how to plan a colour scheme, lighting, accessories, soft-furnishing and room layouts.

22/05/2024 - Wed (18:30-21:30) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 6 weeks - £153 - C02763-232401