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Accounting & Finance

Accounting - AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate

This course is intended for someone who is about to launch a new career in accounts (or who has recently done so). This course covers basic bookkeeping and accounting, plus it introduces computerised bookkeeping principles, and some basic costing principles.

17/09/2024 - Tue (10:00-14:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 36 weeks - £1,209/FREE - B00050-242501
28/09/2024 - Sat (09:30-13:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 34 weeks - £1,072/FREE - B00050-242502

Accounting - AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma

The AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma for Accounting is a course that develops the knowledge and skills acquired on the AAT Level 2 Certificate for Accounting.

24/09/2024 - Tue (09:30-17:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 34 weeks - £2,813/FREE - B00239-242502

Accounting - AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma

This level 4 covers higher level accounting tasks, including drafting financial statements, managing budgets and evaluating financial performance.
You need to take all four mandatory papers and then choose two of the four optional ones which allow you to specialise in areas from tax to auditing and credit control.
Level 4 is perfect if you have progressed through Levels 2 and 3
On successful completion of this level you will be awarded the AAT Accounting Qualification. With proof of one years past relevant work experience you will be able to apply to become a full member...

18/09/2024 - Wed (09:30-17:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 51 weeks - £2,825/FREE - B00516-242601

Accounting and Finance - Introduction

This course is for anyone who is interested in an introduction to small business acountancy.
It will introduce you to basic accounting principles, practices and terminology.
It can also be an introduction to accredited accountancy and book keeping courses.
You need to be willing to complete homework outside of the course to fully benefit from the course.

21/02/2024 - Wed (10:00-13:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £116/FREE - B01127-232404
17/04/2024 - Wed (10:00-14:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 5 weeks - £127/FREE - B01127-232405
05/06/2024 - Wed (10:00-13:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £116/FREE - B01127-232406

Bookkeeping - AAT Level 1 Award

An introduction to the principles of double-entry bookkeeping, assets, profit and loss identification and other elements of a bookkeeper role.

AAT Access is a short qualification that introduces you to fundamental business and finance skills. It's a practical way to increase your employability, confidence and career prospects. This course will start you on the path to a successful accounting and finance career with the AAT qualification which is recognised by leading employers in the UK and around the world.

20/04/2024 - Sat (10:00-14:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 10 weeks - £300/FREE - B01512-232404

Bookkeeping - AAT Level 2 Certificate

Students studying this qualification will develop practical accountancy skills in the double-entry bookkeeping system and in using associated documents and processes while gaining an understanding that digital accounting systems are automating some of the stages in the process.

Students will cover transactions for accuracy, make entries in appropriate books and ledgers and calculate sales invoices and credit notes.

08/01/2025 - Wed (09:30-16:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 12 weeks - £516/FREE - B01595-242501

Bookkeeping - AAT Level 3 Certificate

The Level 3 AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping is ideal for those looking for professional development within bookkeeping as a career and is awarded by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT),

This course is suitable for:
Those who have previously completed the Level 2 AAT Certificate in Accountancy or Bookkeeping and wish to progress,
Those who are working in small to medium sized businesses looking to enhance their existing skillset
Those who are more experienced bookkeepers who require an advanced level of skill and knowledge on this subject.


25/09/2024 - Wed (09:30-16:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 24 weeks - £912/FREE - B01593-242501

Business Skills - Access Level 1 Award

AAT Access is a short qualification that introduces you to fundamental business and finance skills. It's a practical way to increase your employability, confidence and career prospects.

This Level 1 qualification covers a range of skills and relevant supporting knowledge to help prepare learners for applying numbers in business and working in a business environment.

It will give students an understanding of:

how different organisations operate
how to contribute effectively in the workplace
how businesses process sales and purchases, and the documents and...

22/04/2024 - Mon (09:30-14:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 10 weeks - £300/FREE - B01568-232401

Business, Administration and Finance - Certificate in Skills for Professions

Qualifications in Level 2 Skills for Professions in Business, Administration and Finance aim to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to progress to further study related to business, administration and finance and ultimately to work in these or related sectors

15/03/2024 - Fri (10:00-15:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 14 weeks - £420/FREE - B01553-232402
08/11/2024 - Fri (10:00-15:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 15 weeks - £447/FREE - B01553-242501

Introduction to Accountancy and AAT Taster (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This is a short taster to give an overview of the skills needed to work in a career in accountancy, it describes the AAT qualifications and skills based courses and other complementary skills you need to succeed in the career or become self employed.

11/06/2024 - Tue (16:00-18:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £0 - B01656-232401

Managing Your Personal Finances

The aim of the course is to provide you with an overview of the different aspect of money management, to ensure long term financial stability.

15/03/2024 - Fri (11:00-17:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £55 - B00656-232402

Maths for Accountants - Level 2

This course is suitable for those who want to develop their numeracy skills to support their development as an accountant or bookkeeper.

Advanced expertise in mathematics is not required to succeed as a bookkeeper or an accountant. What is needed, however, is the confidence and ability to be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide as well as use decimals, fractions and percentages. Competent bookkeepers and accountants should be able to use mental calculations as well as a calculator to perform these numerical skills.

Good numeracy skills may unlock job opportunities within...

20/04/2024 - Sat (14:00-16:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £135 - B01585-232401

Xero Software - Introduction

This course is a Level 1 course that is intended to introduce you to how to use Xero in a professional environment. It will help develop your skills for entering into a job using Xero for accounting and financial purposes or to help you administer your accounts for a small business.

19/04/2024 - Fri (10:00-13:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 6 weeks - £116/FREE - B01567-232403
25/01/2025 - Sat (14:00-16:15) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £66/FREE - B01567-242502