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Accounting & Finance

Access Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping AAT (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

An introduction to the principles of double-entry bookkeeping, assets, profit and loss identification and other elements of a bookkeeper role.

AAT Access is a short qualification that introduces you to fundamental business and finance skills. It's a practical way to increase your employability, confidence and career prospects. This course will start you on the path to a successful accounting and finance career with the AAT qualification which is recognised by leading employers in the UK and around the world.

21/02/2023 - Tue, Fri (09:30-15:00) - Hillcroft Campus - 5 weeks - £281.00/FREE - B01512-222301

Accounting AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate

This course is intended for someone who is about to launch a new career in accounts (or who has recently done so). This course covers basic bookkeeping and accounting, plus it introduces computerised bookkeeping principles, and some basic costing principles.

11/01/2023 - Wed (09:30-16:00) - Parkshot Campus - 24 weeks - £1165.00/FREE - B00050-222303

Certificate in Skills for Professions in Business, Administration and Finance Level 2 (OCNLR)

The growing Green economy provides a considerable opportunity for London. As we move towards Net Zero, there will be rapid growth in green jobs as we decarbonise our homes and businesses. The research predicts that there will be a 3-fold increase in green jobs over the next 3 decades.

RHACC seeks to support residents to develop the skills needed for green jobs and meet the rising skills demands of this rapidly expanding market. RHACC has created new pathways into green sectors whilst also supporting workers to upskill and transition into green jobs from other sectors.

10/01/2023 - Tue (09:30-14:30) - Parkshot Campus - 12 weeks - £350.00/FREE - B01553-222301

Introduction to Accounting and Finance

This course is for anyone who is interested in an introduction to small business acountancy.
It will introduce you to basic accounting principles, practices and terminology.
It can also be an introduction to accredited accountancy and book keeping courses.
You need to be willing to complete homework outside of the course to fully benefit from the course.

17/01/2023 - Tue (10:00-13:00) - Hillcroft Campus - 4 weeks - £128.00/FREE - B01127-222303
20/02/2023 - Mon (10:00-13:30) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £128.00/FREE - B01127-222304
05/06/2023 - Mon (10:00-13:30) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £128.00/FREE - B01127-222305
06/06/2023 - Tue (10:00-13:30) - Hillcroft Campus - 6 weeks - £128.00/FREE - B01127-222306

Managing your Personal Finances

The aim of the course is to provide you with an overview of the different aspect of money management, to ensure long term financial stability.

17/03/2023 - Fri (11:00-17:00) - Parkshot Campus - 1 weeks - £49.00 - B00656-222302