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Approaches to Counselling - CBT (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This short course will introduce you to the key concepts and some of the therapeutic methods used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In order, to better understand how the different theories have been applied and have developed, this course will briefly cover the historical development of the relevant theories whilst allowing you opportunities to consider how some of the basic concepts can be applied for your own wellbeing.

17/06/2024 - Mon (18:30-21:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01151-232403

Approaches to Counselling - Existential Therapy (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This short course will introduce you to the key concepts and methods of Existential therapy and provide you with an overview of the insights of Existential philosophy. The course will also explore themes which continue to inform Existential approaches to therapy.

03/07/2024 - Wed (18:30-21:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01154-232403

Approaches to Counselling - Jungian Theory (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

Step into the fascinating world of symbols, dreams and archetypes as we explore Carl Jung's theory model in a very interactive, deeply experiential and highly thought-provoking way. Jung himself has been quoted with stating 'I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become' and this full-day workshop will give you an opportunity to delve deeper into that philosophical approach that puts the person at the centre of their autonomous and independent decisions.

22/06/2024 - Sat (12:00-15:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01153-232403

Approaches to Counselling - Person-Centred (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This short, introductory course introduces the underlying theory and concepts of the Humanistic, Person-Centred Approach to counselling. The course will be of particular interest to those interested in exploring the field of counselling or those who work with people in a volunteer capacity.

24/06/2024 - Mon (18:30-21:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01158-232403

Approaches to Counselling - Psychodynamic (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

The Psychodynamic model works on the basis that our past informs our present, especially when it comes to our relationships with others. This short, introductory course aims at providing you with the basic underlying concepts of this model, as postulated by Sigmund Freud and is particularly beneficial to those interested in the field of counselling, education, as well as those working with people in a volunteer capacity.

01/07/2024 - Mon (18:30-21:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01157-232403

Approaches to Counselling - Transactional Analysis Therapy

This introductory course to Transactional Analysis (TA) is for those interested in understanding human behaviour, communication and relationships.

You will examine the theory of TA, including the structure of personality; interpersonal transactions; the psychological games we play; and life scripts. You will have the opportunity to apply the theory to your own behaviour and the behaviour of others in your group.

The course will be particularly useful to you if you work in the helping professions, or in management or teaching. It will also be helpful to you if you are...

22/06/2024 - Sat (10:00-13:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01156-232403

Counselling - Introduction

This course explores the use of counselling skills and the underlying theory and is designed for people who are considering a career as a counsellor. At the end of the course you will be able to apply to do the full level 2 qualification course.

07/06/2024 - Fri (09:45-13:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 4 weeks - £72/FREE - S00995-232405

Counselling as a Career (Workshop) (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This workshop is designed for those who are considering a career in counselling. At the end of the session you will be able to apply for our Introduction to Counselling course and/or the full Level 2 qualification course.

06/07/2024 - Sat (10:00-13:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £17/FREE - S01105-232403

Counselling Skills to Support Family and Friends (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This course is designed to demonstrate how counselling skills can be used to help people to listen and communicate more effectively in their relationships with family members, partners, or friends. The course focus will provide tools to:

- Communicate more effectively. It will provide a place to practice expressing their feelings and listening empathically.
- Deal with conflict and encourage compromise and find a middle ground.
- Navigate change whilst still communicating and maintaining connections, even when things are difficult.
- Rebuild trust in relationships...

23/04/2024 - Tue (10:00-13:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 5 weeks - £74/FREE - S01268-232401

Developing Emotional Resilience Level 1 Award

This course will explore what is meant by emotional resilience. It will help you develop personal responses to new social, environmental, and emotional situations, and learn ways of to develop emotional resilience.

06/06/2024 - Thu (10:00-13:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 2 weeks - £54/FREE - S01103-232402

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Skills for Everyday Life (Hillcroft Campus)

(Women Only)

The course is providing a basic introduction to CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and assumes no prior knowledge of the subject
The course is intended as a starting point for anyone interested in learning about the subject.

We are proud of our diverse learner groups, and range of support to enable access for all learners regardless of ability or background. However, we also recognize that some women benefit from the supportive and close-knit environment of a women-only class, which can help to develop the skills, confidence and ambition to succeed in...

Please note that this course is for women only.
08/06/2024 - Sat (09:30-16:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £33/FREE - WD0062-232401

Reflective Listening Skills for Volunteers and Carers (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

This short course is specifically for carers and front facing, volunteers who wish to develop their listening and communication skills.

29/06/2024 - Sat (09:30-15:30) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £28/FREE - S01152-232403