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Art History

The Golden Age of Greek Drama

This course will be delivered online. 'You will be a thorn in the city's flesh.' This is how Euripides described his own voluntary exile in the mouth of his dark heroine Medea on the Greek stage in 431BC, unpopular in the city because of the bone-tingling subtlety and sympathy with which he penetrated the human psyche. Millennia later, the relevance both of his works and those of his rivals is astonishing. This course covers the representation of grief, estrangement, asylum-seeking, family and sacrifice, as well as ribaldry, political satire, and Dionysian revels,...

23/04/2021 - Fri (11:00-13:00) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 10 weeks - £150.00 - C02204-202102