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20th Century European History - Part 1

This course will be delivered online.

The aim of this 6 week course is to provide an introduction to Twentieth Century European history by focusing on specific key events as well as the people and ideologies that shaped them.

Over the course we will study how Europe descended into the horrors of World War One in 1914; the rise of Communism and Fascism and their impacts on Western and Eastern Europe and finally the 1989 revolutions.

In the aftermath of Brexit, we will also consider the ideas that originally formed the current European Union and how it has changed over...

14/09/2021 - Tue (19:00-21:00) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 6 weeks - £104.00 - C02292-212201

Introduction to the Philosopy of Kant

This course will be delivered online.

One of the great mountains in the landscape of Western Philosophy, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason has been a landmark by which countless great minds have navigated since it was published in 1781. Kant described his work as enacting a fundamental shift in philosophy - as radical as Copernicus' discovery that the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun around the earth - in stating that the world as we see it conforms to the mind not the mind to the world. Striking questions arose from this shift which have troubled philosophers ever since: can...

16/09/2021 - Thu (11:00-13:00) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 10 weeks - £171.00 - C02686-212201

Taster - Philosophy - School of Ideas

This course will be delivered online.

An introduction to our series of courses, from the Ancient Greeks to Contemporary Post Modernists explore the key ideas that have shaped and changed world views.

If you have a special interest in philosophy and the history of ideas of or are seeking an introduction to this area of learning we have a broad range of courses to inspire you.

10/06/2022 - Fri (11:00-13:00) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 1 weeks - £0.00 - C01377-212201