4 courses
Music Appreciation & Theory

How to Read Music - Beginners

This short course will introduce you to the basic elements of music theory, both in terms of listening to music and looking at written music. We will demystify this complex language and familiarise you with the main ideas.

23/04/2021 - Fri (13:30-15:00) - 5 weeks - £63.00 - C00685-202102

How to Read Music - Improvers

This short course is for learners with a basic knowledge of reading music and any learners who have already completed the How to Read Music Beginners Course. It will help you to understand in more detail how to read music, and will consolidate any understanding you already have of basic music theory.

11/06/2021 - Fri (13:30-15:00) - 5 weeks - £63.00 - C01022-202102

Music Appreciation - Chamber Music

This course will be delivered online.

26/04/2021 - Mon (13:00-15:00) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 8 weeks - £120.00 - C01229-202103

Practical Composing for All Instruments

This new course will look at how to go about composing by studying compositions from the past and present. This course will be delivered onsite at Parkshot in Richmond. We will complete short tasks and also tackle some longer works. We will use paper and pencil but will also look at composing using music tech eg Sibelius/Musescore and recording programs such as Garageband/Logic. You can bring an ipad/tablet or laptop to sessions. We will look at a range of styles of music, not only music from the Western Classical Tradition but also Jazz, Pop and music from around the...

26/04/2021 - Mon (19:00-21:00) - 10 weeks - £220.00 - C02536-202104