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Music Technology

Music Technology - Sequencing & Music Production

In this course you will be introduced to Music Production using MIDI and Audio techniques with Logic Pro X. Learn about effects, sampling, learn to remix, mix, and even compose music for film and TV using Logic Pro X.
This course will be taught online via video conferencing and screen sharing using Logic Pro X, but the broad skills learned will be transferable to other DAWs such as ProTools, Ableton Live and Cubase.
The course will include one-to-one advice from your tutor, a practising musician and music technology expert, and lots of practical exercises.
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12/01/2022 - Wed (19:00-21:30) - Parkshot Campus - 11 weeks - £215.00 - B00641-212202
20/04/2022 - Wed (19:00-21:30) - Parkshot Campus - 11 weeks - £215.00 - B00641-212203