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Richmond Drama School

CARER Acting and Performing Skills for Budding Actors

Is acting something you've always wanted to do, but never found the time for? Come and learn the fine art of self-discovery and reflection on life, through drama games and play. This course is designed to awaken your performance spirit, show you what's involved in being an actor and immerse you in a learning community of like-minded souls.

15/04/2024 - Mon (19:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 9 weeks - £163 - C00609-232403

CARER Drama for Confidence

This beginners course consists of classes that combine acting, body, movement, voice and speech in order to improve your confidence and wellbeing. The teaching is practical, incorporating some basic theory. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to explore the dynamics of self and the emergent feelings, which we can use in the space as a means to give self-management and improvement of wellbeing.

We will explore the creative principles and techniques in acting, and how to get behind a role. We will be using improvisation and devising to create our own work, or expanding...

22/04/2024 - Mon (16:00-18:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 6 weeks - £138 - C01917-232403

Dance - Tap Beginners

An introduction to the wonderful world of Tap. You will be introduced to the basic moves, beats and rhythms of this exciting dance, learn some basic steps, and have the option to learn a dance by the end of term.

23/04/2024 - Wed (17:00-18:00) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 12 weeks - £113 - C02950-232403

Drama - An Introduction to Screen Acting (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

Acting for screen requires a different skill set than for the stage. Extend your range of performance skills and gain confidence with close ups, tracking shots, action and more. In this short course you will develop your understanding of the way performance meets camera and technology.

08/05/2024 - Wed (10:00-13:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 6 weeks - £163 - C03156-232401

Drama - How to Get a Job in Acting (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

Finding work in the entertainment industry can be elusive. This short course looks in depth at the industry and explores the tools needed to get yourself noticed by casting agents and directors. We will cover aspects such as Headshots, Showreels, CV?s, Auditions, Call backs and dealing with rejections. In addition, we will look at ways you can exploit developments in digital technologies and how social media can help your pitch.

08/05/2024 - Wed (14:00-16:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 6 weeks - £112 - C03157-232401

Foundation Acting Techniques for Performance

Come and be part of Richmond Drama School, where you will increase your confidence and self-esteem in a supportive adult-only workshop setting. Based in our beautiful theatre, this course will allow you to spend one day per week building your skills and knowledge through learning performance techniques derived from and used by different theatre practitioners. You will build skills in using the breath, voice, movement, the gaze, levels and resistance. You will develop and apply these techniques in creative improvisation scenarios and devising projects. You will work with a text as well...

22/04/2024 - Mon (09:30-16:30) - Parkshot Campus, Richmond - 11 weeks - £416/FREE - C02393-232403

Taster - Drama for Wellbeing, Creativity and Confidence for over +55's (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

Drama is a wonderful place to explore your creativity and expression and doesn?t have to lead to stressful production or presentations. If you have always liked the idea of creative play, join us for the freewheeling Free Taster designed to open up your senses and imagination in a safe and fun environment.

05/06/2024 - Wed (10:00-12:00) - Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton - 1 weeks - £0 - C03142-232401