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Richmond Drama School

Acting & Performing Skills for Budding Actors

This exciting new re-start of the RHACC's iconic course will be a flexible blend of classroom and online teaching, tailored to the group's needs. The maximum group size has been set enabling safe socially distanced classroom sessions, as well as creating a unique opportunity for the ultimate balance of personal attention and group work. You will be introduced to a range of acting and storytelling techniques, you will enjoy the playful drama games and improvisations, work on texts and monologues, giving you the opportunity to express yourself physically and vocally, as well as find...

07/06/2021 - Mon (19:00-21:00) - 11 weeks - £102.00 - C00609-202103

Beginners Please. Taster - Improvisation, Performance and Method Acting

08/05/2021 - Sat (12:30-15:30) - 1 weeks - £32.00 - C02282-202103

Drama for Confidence

This beginners course consists of classes that combine acting, body, movement, voice and speech in order to improve your confidence and wellbeing. The teaching is practical, incorporating some basic theory. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to explore the dynamics of self and the emergent feelings, which we can use in the space as a means to give self-management and improvement of wellbeing. We will explore the creative principles and techniques in acting, and how to get behind a role. We will be using improvisation and devising to create our own work, or expanding...

08/06/2021 - Tue (16:00-18:30) - 6 weeks - £163.00 - C01917-202105

Drama for Retirement

This online or studio based course is aimed at forming a supportive community of retired drama, theatre and play lovers. You don't have to have any experience in these activities, only an interest to share with others. Depending on the applicants' requirements, the delivery can be online or in the studio or a blend of the two. We will use drama exercises to build the group bond, develop purposeful focus and, if possible, get our bodies moving. We will exchange our individual tastes in theatre, cinema, performance and storytelling; and use play reading and discussion, to re-discover...

26/04/2021 - Mon (12:30-15:30) - 10 weeks - £144.00 - C02285-202103

Foundation Acting - Techniques for Performance

This course is designed to expand your experience of acting and to increase the range of choices and techniques you can use as an actor. The course is also appropriate for students with Level 3 qualifications already who may wish to add a year to support applications to and Universities or Drama Schools. Last academic year, one student received a scholarship to the Stella Adller School of Acting in New York. Two students were offered places at Drama Studio London. One student was offered a place with the original founders of Drama Center. Applicants need to be 19...

19/04/2021 - Mon (09:30-16:30) - 11 weeks - £612.00/FREE - C02393-202103

How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking

You will learn how to develop confidence in your voice. You will begin to explore how posture, relaxation, visualisation and vocal techniques can help you achieve this. You will also create your own personal voice checklist and create an action plan to develop your skills further.

24/04/2021 - Sat (10:30-13:30) - 1 weeks - £37.00 - C01187-202103

Introduction to Drama - Developing Improvisation

This course starts from scratch and is an introduction to the wonderful creative world of improvisation. Designed to give you a practical exploration of improvisation techniques both rehearsal and performance. On the course you will look at a range of techniques including. The YES AND approach to improve skills. Imagination games and exercises. Spontaneity. Status. Who What Where When and Why.Following this course you may wish to join the Improv Crew - Performance Team course.

12/06/2021 - Sat (12:30-15:30) - 6 weeks - £163.00 - C02283-202103

Richmond Drama School - Audition Technique (Intensive)

Performing Shakespeare can be a daunting task- however there is a reason why his plays have survived and thrived for so long and during this course you will learn to really appreciate some of them! Through the course of the week you will begin to learn how to read, understand and speak Shakespeare, cumulating in a performance of some of his work on the final day. This a practical course hands on, taught class, with a focus on developing acting skills as a whole, using Shakespeare as the performance text

05/07/2021 - Mon, Tue, Wed (10:30-17:00) - 1 weeks - £127.00 - C00816-202101

The New Richmond Actors

This is an opportunity for those who attended the Budding Actors course at RHACC, to work towards a production of audio drama, published by Sharp Eared Owl www.sharpearedowl.com , for free public listening. The choice of the drama will depend on the participants, who will form the cast (up to 7), so early sign-ups are encouraged. For any questions, queries or a chat, feel free to contact the tutor-director, Adna Sablyich, on Adna.Sablyich@gmail.com

08/06/2021 - Tue (19:00-21:00) - 11 weeks - £102.00 - C02356-202103