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Richmond Drama School

Acting & Performing Skills for Budding Actors

RHACC?s iconic evening Drama course is back in full swing.

If acting is something you?ve always wanted to do, but never found the time for if you had done it when you were young, had to move on to other things but have never forgotten about it if you are at that beautiful point in life of finding yourself or not knowing what to do next and want to see if this is for you if you intend to pursue Drama in some form, but are not ready to commit to a qualification if you have been deeply touched by the pandemic and want to revitalise that part of yourself which seeks social...

09/01/2023 - Mon (19:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £177.00 - C00609-222303
24/04/2023 - Mon (19:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £177.00 - C00609-222305

Drama for Confidence

This beginners course consists of classes that combine acting, body, movement, voice and speech in order to improve your confidence and wellbeing. The teaching is practical, incorporating some basic theory. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to explore the dynamics of self and the emergent feelings, which we can use in the space as a means to give self-management and improvement of wellbeing.

We will explore the creative principles and techniques in acting, and how to get behind a role. We will be using improvisation and devising to create our own work, or expanding...

21/02/2023 - Tue (16:00-18:30) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £135.00 - C01917-222304
18/04/2023 - Tue (16:00-18:30) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £135.00 - C01917-222305

Dramatic Arts (Hillcroft Campus, Surbiton)

Slap the sticks and put a hat on! Come to scream your inner self. Or the neighbour next door. Isn't Thursday afternoon the new... Monday morning? Just the time you've always wanted to spend pretending you're someone else.
A social afternoon of dramatic arts at Hillcroft, including improvisation, script reading and role play.

27/04/2023 - Thu (15:00-17:00) - Hillcroft Campus - 12 weeks - £210.00 - C02887-222303

Dramatize Your Life

Create an original play, out of your own life stories; and perform it with your fellow learners, in the RHACC Theatre, at the end of the course

05/07/2023 - Wed (13:00-15:00) - Parkshot Campus - 11 weeks - £194.00 - C02901-222303

Foundation Acting - Techniques for Performance

This course is designed to expand your experience of acting and to increase the range of choices and techniques you can use as an actor.

The course is also appropriate for students with Level 3 qualifications already who may wish to add a year to support applications to Universities or Drama Schools.

Last academic year, one student received a scholarship to the Stella Adller School of Acting in New York. Two students were offered places at Drama Studio London. One student was offered a place with the original founders of Drama Center.

20/02/2023 - Mon (09:30-16:30) - Parkshot Campus - 17 weeks - £633.00/FREE - C02393-222302

Musical Theatre - Taster

Come and shake off the stiffness of the working week, in this Glee-like weekly frolicking. Learn songs, dance routines and classic scenes, to rehearse and perform in an end-of-term show to an invited audience, in our Queen Charlotte Theatre.

Richmond Drama School - Audition Technique (Intensive)

Performing Shakespeare can be a daunting task- however there is a reason why his plays have survived and thrived for so long and during this course you will learn to really appreciate some of them!

Through the course of the week you will begin to learn how to read, understand and speak Shakespeare, cumulating in a performance of some of his work on the final day.

This a practical course hands on, taught class, with a focus on developing acting skills as a whole, using Shakespeare as the performance text

03/07/2023 - Mon, Tue, Wed (10:30-17:00) - Parkshot Campus - 1 weeks - £152.00 - C00816-222301

Spoken Word / Poetry

A weekly meeting to enjoy all forms of spoken word - poetry / plays / Shakespeare.

17/04/2023 - Mon (10:00-12:00) - Parkshot Campus - 11 weeks - £194.00 - C02903-222303

Tap (beginners)

You will learn the basic steps, beats and timings in tap, working towards building technique and musicality. You will learn steps and sequences in the centre and may work towards learning a choreographed, short dance in the centre.

26/04/2023 - Wed (17:00-18:00) - Parkshot Campus - 11 weeks - £92.00 - C02950-222301

Taster - Budding Actors

This 2-hour session is the perfect opportunity to find out how we intend to move on from the lockdown, into our Drama teaching at RHACC.
It will involve all the major elements anticipated in the course at this point, as well as the opportunity to meet the tutor, ask any questions, get the feel of the place and assess the possibilities this iconic evening course can mean for your personal lifestyle in the near future, as we move out of the lockdown and assume more life normality.
This course is a taster for our Acting & Performing Skills for Budding Actors course which...

07/12/2022 - Tue (19:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus - 1 weeks - £0.00 - C02500-222301

The Business of Show Business

Are you an Actor/ress or an aspiring Actor/ress? This is your essential weekly 2-hour self-promotion admin lab, where you will get the opportunity to work on your professional profile, in a peer-supported environment, under the leadership of an experienced professional Actress and Tutor, exploring all the possible avenues for your career, using all the trade-specific tools of self-promotion, available