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Flavours of the Himalayas - Cookery Course

This course may be delivered online - please see the course information box to confirm.

Himalayan food is a diverse and unique cuisine which covers all ends of the Himalayan borders. There are many classic dishes from plain to spicy dishes, vegetarian curries to delicious non vegetarian dishes. These dishes are commonly found in countries like Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan and many more. They are easily available in every fast food, restaurant or in the roadside allies.

This course covers exciting recipes and a way to master simple Himalayan dishes with ease, whether you are...

21/04/2022 - Thu (19:00-21:30) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £133.00 - C02491-212201
21/04/2022 - Thu (19:00-21:30) - ONLINE COURSE, see Additional Information - 6 weeks - £123.00 - C02491-212202