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Writing Poetry: Masterclass with Paul Matthews


Here is a chance to enjoy the poetry activities (both playful and profound) that Paul has developed over many years. Guided tasks in writing, sometimes in response to one another, will help us love the rhymes and rhythms of the words we use, and encourage any locked-up fantasy to flow. Creative process will be our first concern, but the beginnings of some finished pieces are likely to arise from it. If you write poems already feel free to bring one very short one to share in the group, but this is no requirement for our...

19/03/2022 - Sat (11:00-16:00) - Parkshot Campus - 1 weeks - £38.00 - C02772-212202

Writing Poetry: Playing with Words and Form

Poetic forms are wonderful, playful tools and this creative workshop course will help you build words, sounds and shapes into the structure of traditional and more contemporary styles. From the small but intensely felt Haiku to the powerful repetition of the villanelle form, understanding and using form can help you turn your ideas into poems and enhance their meaning.
Over this 6-week course you will learn different technical frameworks and practice the challenges of rhythm, stanza and pattern.

Engaging with the rules can be demanding but it is also rewarding, fun and...

23/02/2022 - Wed (19:00-21:00) - Parkshot Campus - 6 weeks - £104.00 - C02803-212201


You will learn basic steps leading to classical yoga postures. You can expect to enhance your flexibility, co-ordination and strength. You will improve your breathing through breath awareness and will learn relaxation techniques to promote and encourage inner harmony.

13/01/2022 - Thu (12:00-13:00) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S00111-212202
21/04/2022 - Thu (12:00-13:00) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S00111-212203

Yoga - Improvers

13/01/2022 - Thu (13:15-15:15) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S01086-212202
21/04/2022 - Thu (13:15-14:15) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S01086-212203

Yoga for Mindfulness

A gentle Yoga course, to help stretch the body, improve the breathing and still the mind. It will aid stress relief and relaxation.

13/01/2022 - Thu (10:45-11:45) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S01000-212202
21/04/2022 - Thu (10:45-11:45) - Parkshot Campus - 10 weeks - £89.00 - S01000-212203