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Grammar Workshops

We are delighted to offer a range of culture and grammar workshops for speakers at all levels. Try something new and enrol for 2021!

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Cultural Workshops & Events

Get introduced to a new language and practice your conversation skills in our cultural workshops and events!

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Levels and Placement Tests

Courses are offered at different levels. Find out where you sit on our chart here.

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Our Students

Faye, Spanish

" I joined RHACC as I found myself without work over lockdown and wanted to pick up my Spanish skills as I used to live in Spain. Our classes are so much fun and our tutor cultivates a positive learning environment which means everyone in the class is involved and excited to learn the language. I also really love the diversity in our class, all the students are at different stages in experience and it makes a very rich learning environment. Thank you RHACC for making learning so fun!"

Our Students

Elif, Spanish

"I like studying here as it is a relaxed learning environment, is local and very well priced. I am so thankful for the RHACC tutors and would encourage anyone to join a class and enjoy your time."

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