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Teaching & Training

Achieve a recognised award from a range of education and training course options from introductory to experienced practitioner level.

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This course is accredited at L5 and will lead to an international recognised qualification, enabling you to teach throughout the world.

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Teaching Assistant

If you are interested in a career working in a school classroom assisting a teacher - these courses are for you.

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Our Students

Brian, Education & Training L3

For many years, I had been giving Voice Training classes to adults which were very popular, but I really wanted to expand by reaching out to more diverse audiences and with a wider range of subjects. A career advisor I knew strongly recommended RHACC and their Education & Training L3 course. So I enrolled and am very glad I did. In just a twelve-week period, I learned all I needed to embrace and so much more. Working with a diverse and talented group of learners, the Programme Manager, Alison who was excellent created a very inclusive and dynamic learning environment which was also very enjoyable. Now, I have a really good understanding of the many roles, responsibilities, and skills that I needed to train, motivate, and assess others.

Our Students

Paolo, Education & Training L3

"I enrolled in the L3 Education and Teaching course in order to explore my career possibilities. The course gave me a fresh, new perspective on teaching and learning and a deeper knowledge of the values beneath it. I found that I could apply all that I learned not only in an educational setting but in every situation that requires teamwork."