Arts Online Extra - Your Vibrant Spring 2021 Wardrobe

Virtual Event

28 Jan 2021 - 19:00 - 20:00

With Stylist Katherina Boldo. Approach the new year with the energy it needs. Kathrina will show you how to assemble a clothes collection to match.

Personal styling

In this taster course we will be focusing exclusively on womenswear, you will learn how to develop a personal style, and create a new look by looking at major designers, and styles from around the world.

The course will also cover various techniques to make the most of your wardrobe including:

•Basic rules of adding colour to your wardrobe

•Co-ordinating outfits, by adding new seasonal colours

•Capsule wardrobe basics

•How to update and organise your wardrobe on a budget

Ticket - £10

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