The Gin Chronicles

Queen Charlotte Hall Theatre, Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot, Richmond TW9 2RE

19 Jul 2019 - 19:00 - 21:00

Interrupt the Routine & The Misfits of London announce a limited run of the very first adventure of 'The Gin Chronicles'. 

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THE SCOTSMAN says of 'The Gin Chronicles' adventures:

Go, see, laugh, gasp, imbibe” (4 stars)

BROADWAY BABY calls them:

a verbal and visual treat... rarely can a show make one laugh for such a long period of time” (5 stars)

and REMOTE GOAT says:

it left audiences loving every minute” (5 stars)

'The Gin Chronicles' are fast-paced, farce-based radio-style comedies set just after the Second World War . 4 actors using vintage microphones and a foley artist providing live sound effects make up The Misfits of London, a 1940s comedy troupe.

The adventures are light-hearted, wholesome family fun that attract people of all ages. The Misfits of London enjoy making people happy. The Edinburgh People's Festival described them as “a combination of The Goon Show, P.G.Wodehouse and Monty Python”.

In this adventure, we see John Jobling – an upper-class twit with a heart – attempt to do something meaningful with his life. His yearning to leave the country for the capital is crystallised by a newspaper article detailing the disappearance of gin magnate Cornelius Juniper, founder of Captain Botanicals London Dry Gin.

Once in London, he is presented with a housemaid, Doris Golightly - sent by his Aunt in order to prevent him committing any (further) acts of feckless stupidity – whom he recruits as his savvy assistant, and together they go on the hunt for clues to ascertain the whereabouts of Mr Juniper, encountering Juniper's daughter and her grumpy fiance Mr Tarquin Throckmashington, newspaper reporters, old ladies swimming in the Thames, Devonian gin distillers, French ball-bearing factory girls and a raft of other characters in their pursuit of amateur detection glory.

A complimentary Gin & Tonic is included with your ticket, with soft drink alternatives for teetotallers and children.