Portcullis Presents: Talk with FT Journalist and Historian Dr. Simon Targett

Queen Charlotte Hall, RHACC, PARKSHOT

9 Nov 2018 - 19:00 - 21:00


Former FT Journalist and Historian Simon Targett on the English roots of the American Dream - and why Americans put a businessman in the White House.


Award-winning journalist, historian and media consultant, Dr. Simon Targett, talks about his new book, “New World, Inc”, which tells the story of the English merchants who really founded America before the Mayflower Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock 400 years ago, kindled the country’s trademark entrepreneurial spirit, and turned it into a land of opportunity.


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Dr. Simon Targett, will present the story of the English merchants who really founded America before the Mayflower Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock 400 years ago, kindled the country’s trademark entrepreneurial spirit, and turned it into a land of opportunity.  
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Talk begins at 7pm, doors and bar open from 6.30pm. Click here to reserve tickets.



[Simon will be signing copies of his book at the event]