IT Support and WIFI


The college provides IT facilities and WIFI access throughout the college. There are computer and mac suites available in classrooms and in the Learning Resource Centre. You can also bring your own device to use in college.  Please see the information below around acceptable use of IT on campus and ways to get connected.

As many of you will be moving to remote learning, there are a number of tools you will need to access your classes or complete the lessons.

These include:

  • College Email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Moodle
  • Microsoft Teams

Please see details of how to access these here.


IT Acceptable Use Policy

View the RHACC IT Acceptable Use Policy [PDF] here (Updated Nov 22). 


Bring your own device

Using your own device to work on at the college? Please read our Bring Your Own Device Policy here.


Free Wifi for Staff and Learners 

College staff and students should use the Eduroam wifi service as it is more secure and has greater capacity and speed.

Connection instructions for eduroam are here.

Visitors can also use eduroam wifi if your college/university is listed here and shows Visited in the table. You need to have setup eduroam at your home college/university site before connecting at RHACC.


Free Wifi for visitors and guest

You can use Visitor wifi provided by The Cloud if you are not able to use eduroam wifi.

To connect to The Cloud, check your WiFi is on.
Select Wifi Guest from the available network list.
Open a web browser, visit or refresh the page and follow the on-screen instructions to register or log in.

College staff and students should still use the Eduroam service as it has greater capacity and security.

Wifi Guest (The Cloud) only enables internet access for guests using our existing wireless infrastucture but its bandwidth is limited.


WiFi Printing

Students and Staff at our Parkshot and Hillcroft campuses can visit when at either site to activate WiFi printing.


Instructions to connect can be found here