Fees and Refunds FAQ

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about fees and refunds.

Refunds can take up to 28 working days.  All cheques need to be signed by two members of the senior management team and are then sent out by second-class post. We try to deal with all refunds as quickly as possible however, during busy periods this can take a little longer.

If your payment is made by phone or in person, your refund will be processed as a cheque and sent to the address which we have on file for you – this is because no card details are stored from these methods of payment. If you pay online, your card details are held by an impartial credit card protection agency; they keep details on record for 6 months, which allows us to make a refund directly to your card.

You will need to contact the enrolment team as soon as you move so we post your refund to the correct address. This can be done by email enrol@rhacc.ac.uk or in person at the college  If you have any concerns please contact the Refunds, Transfers and Credits team rtc@rhacc.ac.uk

To avoid this happening, it is advised you enrol with your full name; you can ask later to be known by your preferred name. A replacement cheque can be issued but you will need to provide proof of ID and return the original to the college before this is done.

Our college policy only allows us to process refunds to the learner for security reasons. 

The school administrator will email you if your course has closed. They may suggest another course that is similar or has a different start date. They will be able to send you a link to the course on our site which will have all the course details including dates, times and price, it is important to check these details before accepting a transfer as the suggested courses may be made up of more sessions or have different material fee costs. If you have any queries, the school administrator/enrolment team will be able to offer advice.

If you have not got access to a bank account or do not have a bank account please contact the RTC team rtc@rhacc.ac.uk

If your card has expired you will receive your refund by cheque which will be posted to the address we have on file for you. 

Complete a refund request form for the sessions missed, you may be eligible for a credit note. 

If you are not happy with the quality of your course, you will need to contact our Feedback team so we can investigate further.  You can do this by going to the following link: